Music Scenes: Local, Translocal, and Virtual

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Indeed, as Bennett and Rogers forthcoming, illustrate in their study of music venues and collective memory, even when the actual physical spaces of past musical involvement no longer exists, the memory of those places often takes over in articulating a relationship between music and place.

It is now increasingly taken for granted among academic researchers that, rather than expressing any essential truth about rootedness of music in space and place, spatial discourses about music now routinely draw on a range of aesthetic devices in making such claims. Moreover, it is frequently acknowledged that the concept of place itself can be open to interpretation. Music can play a critical role in the way that competing discourses of space and place are constructed and articulated to produce what Bennett refers to as multiple narratives of the local.

The purpose of this short article has been to highlight some of the key concepts that have been used to discuss and critique the relationship between music and place. Bennett, A. Barber-Kersovan, V.

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Kirchberg, R. Clarke, G. Frith and A. Cohen, P. Cohen, S. Gregory, J. Hodkinson, P. Hafeneger, B. MacKinnon, N. In a sense then, those who become members of virtual music scenes often observe the same rules of membership and sociality as those involved in physical, local scenes. Conclusion This paper has examined the developing scenes perspective and its value as a means of understanding and theorising the various forms of significance that musical activity, both production- and consumption-orientated, assumes in specific everyday contexts. References Arnett Jeffrey J.

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Music Scenes: Local, Translocal, and Virtual

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Additionally, this accessibility helped build the Riot Grrrl community, as fans across the country wrote to invite bands to play shows in their cities and towns, helping to keep networked Riot Grrrl—associated bands and fans together. Downtown Blues The bright lights of downtown Chicago draw tourists into a world of consumption, where theme-park restaurants and crowd-pleasing entertainment meccas like Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Cafe see Sorkin ; Hannigan have transformed a once homegrown commercial zone into a playground of brand-name kitsch. Although most music scenes come and go with hardly a trace, they nevertheless give immense satisfaction to their participants, and a few - New York bop jazz, Merseybeat, Memphis rockabilly, London punk, Bronx hiphop - achieve fame and spur musical innovations. This time, she gently tried to pull his mike away, but he held on tight. Note: Citations are based on reference standards.

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Book Review: Music Scenes: Local, Translocal, and Virtual

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Although most music scenes come and go with hardly a trace, they The editors distinguish between three types of scenes - local, translocal, and virtual - which. These fourteen original essays examine the fascinating world of music scenes, those largely inconspicuous sites where clusters of musicians, producers, and.

Frith, Simon. London: Constable.