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Production Team Additional Producer. Andy Hall Hall Disc 1 Tracks: 1, 2, 3. Engineers Assistant Mixer.

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Michael Freeman Disc 1 Tracks: 1, 2, 3. Mastering Engineer. Kevin Grainger Disc 1 Tracks: 2, 3.

quarter past midnight

Shift K3Y Disc 1 Tracks: 1. Tom Hall Disc 1 Tracks: 1. Mark 'Spike' Stent Disc 1 Tracks: 1, 2, 3. Wez Clarke Disc 1 Tracks: 2. John Gibbons Disc 1 Tracks: 2.

Nathan C Disc 1 Tracks: 3. Recording Engineer. Studio Personnel.

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Kevin Grainger Disc 1 Tracks: 3. Mark 'Spike' Stent Disc 1 Tracks: 3. Mark Crew Disc 1 Tracks: 3. Away-way, oh, away-way, oh. I can't remember, I can't remember I can't remember, I can't remember It's a quarter past midnight And the secrets are flowing.

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Letra, tradução e música de Quarter Past Midnight de Bastille - We keep on running / Running through a red light / Like we're trying to burn the night away. Quarter Past Midnight is a Bastille single released on May 9th, The song was found registered on the website of Universal Music Group, along with the.

Our lips are getting looser I don't know what I'm saying We never knew what we had I never know what I've had. Why are we always chasing after something Like we trying to throw our lives away?

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This is my favorite part so Help me piece it all together darling Before it falls apart Help me piece it all together. Doom Days. Eb Fm Help me piece it all together darling. C Ab Before it falls apart oh.

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Eb Help me piece it all together. C And the speakers are blowing.

Ab Yeah, yeah, We want the bodies on the billboards. C Not the lives underneath them.

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User Reviews. Keith plops down in the sand, sliding his hands deep into the ground only for them to break through the surface again and have grains pool in his palms. Quarter Past Midnight Discussion Thread. Read More The salt from the water coats his skin in a second later. He tried coughing but he only inhaled more of it and oh god there was something down his throat, what was itwhatwashappeninghewasdrowning—. He raises an eyebrow.

C Yeah, yeah, yeah, and. Ab Now we're crawling up the walls again. C And its a quarter past the world.

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Ab And you said we'd leave this place in dust. C And fall from heaven straight through hell. Ab We never know what we have.