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Especially since Jaden wasn't trained in karate but kung fu in the film. Someone obviously didn't bother to tell the producers the difference in the martial arts. Horror films are always sticky territory when it comes to critics. You don't often find a whole bunch of them nodding and saying, "That was a wild, scary ride. So, it should come as no surprise that 's The Strangers didn't thrill the likes of the late Roger Ebert who said, "What a maddening, nihilistic, infuriating ending.

It makes you think of the Joker, who has never needed a motive for his madness.

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The audience seemed to agree, though, as the film quickly became a date-night favorite, with a sequel currently in the works. Around him he had an all-star cast featuring the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia, Chris Pine, and Ben Affleck, who all brought intriguing and madcap characters to life and death.

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An account of four cycle tours around the boroughs disenfranchised by the Reform Act - explaining the history of each borough and what if anything is to be​. Rotten Rides: Kindle Store Rotten Rides - Part II. by Paul Buttle If you need help, please visit the help section or contact us. Submit.

Surprisingly, this Guy Ritchie-styled film didn't hit the marks with the critics, though, who savaged it. The success of the film spawned a prequel titled Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball that went straight to video - and shouldn't be spoken about in the same sentence as the original.

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Maybe the early s weren't the best time for comedies. Plus, it stars Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks, so it's instantly a winner. Wet Hot American Summer took a beating at the box office and in the review columns, but it had the last laugh as it crept into the hearts of filmgoers everywhere and received two Netflix series in and It's become so popular since its initial release that it's almost unthinkable to even speak ill of it.

It's undoubtedly a silly movie, but that's the unabashed beauty of it. Pity that most critics missed out on the magic back in If you didn't enjoy Steve Spielberg's Hook , you need to check your chest and see if your heart is still there. Acting as a sequel to the story of Peter Pan, this wildly imaginative adventure film helps a grown-up Peter Banning Robin Williams rediscover the magic from his childhood, as he's forced to go back to Neverland to save his children from Captain Hook Dustin Hoffman. Also, it secured itself five nominations at the 64 th Academy Awards, proving that it certainly didn't lack in quality.

Since then, we've received another two big live-action iterations of the Peter Pan tale, but neither of them has lived up to the genuine excitement served up by Hook. What was it with and comedies? Super Troopers is another massive comedy that went completely over the reviewers' heads. Jay Chandrasekhar and his Broken Lizard team pulled out all the stops to make this one of the funniest and original comedies in a long time, yet it got kicked in the teeth by the critical scores.

Cult status soon followed and a sequel, Super Troopers 2 , is set for release next year. Let's hope the prankster and slacker state troopers are still as side-splittingly funny and unforgettable as we originally remember, though. Devon Sawa played Alex Browning, a teenager who cheated his death by having a premonition of a plane explosion. He and a handful of his classmates left the plane before the explosion, and thought they'd somehow escaped the grim reaper's fatal design. Death proved to be an unrelenting and unforgiving customer, however, coming after all those who cheated it and collecting their souls.

This horror became a huge success and soon turned into a franchise, spawning four more sequels, novels, and even a comic book series. Years later, many critics have warmed up to Final Destination and admitted they may have gotten this one wrong. Well, it's good to see they came to their senses at the end of the day. Much like Chuck Norris' filmography, every Jean-Claude Van Damme movie should be valued and protected as a national treasure.

Jokes aside, the Muscles from Brussels' breakthrough came with 's Bloodsport , the purported true story of martial artists Frank Dux. His final bout with Bolo Yeung's Chong Li is also one of the greatest fight scenes in martial-arts films, showcasing the perfect blend of technique and emotion in a heart-stopping climax. No one makes action films like this anymore. Sure, Masters of the Universe might've been on the cheap side, but it was made by Cannon Films, so what did you expect?

Since its release in , the sci-fi fantasy film has warmed the hearts of fans around the world and become a beloved piece of MOTU memorabilia. He-Man fans can look forward to a cinematic reboot in , which is set to be written by David S. So, take that news whichever way you choose to. It's strange to think that Bad Boys wasn't a critical success.

Every time you see anything related to the action-comedy, you automatically recall how it launched Will Smith's career into the stratosphere and the rest is now history. Even so, it wasn't exactly a critical darling and received a "meh" response from most reviewers.

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The general criticism was that it was a generic buddy cop film, with a thinly woven plot and overreliance on action. Imagine if Bad Boys had been released today with all the hate for Bay? It's highly probable that it could be sitting in the single digits on Rotten Tomatoes. Nonetheless, it's still a flick that sees regular rotation in most our households. Starring in The Mask , Dumb and Dumber , and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective , the rubber-faced actor became the new king of comedy in the short space of 12 months.

Strangely, though, he received a lukewarm critical reception for his role in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. It's true that he was completely over the top and the jokes did teeter on the R-rated borderline — especially all the stuff with Sean Young's "dual" role — but this film features Carrey at his wacky best. It's a real go-to movie when you're having a bad day and there's simply nothing else quite like it.

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All-righty then. Everything they touched, turned to gold, and the studios couldn't get enough of them.

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In , they teamed up again in the Greg Beeman-directed License to Drive. The film tells the story of teenager Les Anderson Haim who falls for Mercedes Lane Heather Graham and tries to get his driver's license to take her out. He fails his exam, unfortunately, but is undeterred and steals his grandfather's car to take Mercedes out. What follows is a wild night that leads to many mishaps and the demolition of the car. It's not just a cult classic; it's a Coreys classic.

Exceptionally violent, but always brilliant, it's a movie with so many layers that it needs to be studied to be fully appreciated.

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Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons it didn't do too well with the critics. Most of them missed the satire hidden under all the blood and guts, and saw it as a glorification of mass murderers. It also didn't help that there were several copycat killings that seemed to affirm this critique of the film, either. Now that two decades have passed since its release — and we've seen more violent films, too — it would be interesting to see how those same reviewers would react to it today.

It's still one heck of a controversial film, but hey, controversy sells. Before Paul W.

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Anderson became infatuated with the Resident Evil franchise, he directed the space horror Event Horizon. In fact, you'll probably see it popping up on most people's top 10 horror film lists. It might've divided the critics, but it certainly thrilled the fans, with most still praying to see the infamous director's cut at some point in the future according to Anderson, it'll sadly never happen. That said, one does have to wonder how much better Event Horizon could've been had the studio not meddled in it, though.


Retrieved November 12, Critics, that is. Therefore, that I may conquer fortune's spite By living low, where fortune cannot hurt me, And that the people of this blessed land May not be punish'd with my thwarting stars, Warwick, although my head still wear the crown, I here resign my government to thee, For thou art fortunate in all thy deeds. Erik the Viking I love the characters: I love this film to death it has grove on me. Retrieved May 13,

Perhaps it wouldn't just be a cult classic, but a critically acclaimed sci-fi masterpiece as well. Let us know in the comments section! We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests. Comment by Barefoot Rose That guy is just jealous because he recognized you from your days on TV and how you look like some famous blogger. Comment by Brian in VA Really good metal guitar players find that when they open their mouths and keep them jaw muscles loose, they are able to play much after licks.

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Comment by Ferde Great race report I really have enjoyed reading these, keep them coming! All you can do is laugh at someone who takes age group results so seriously. Really the winner and top placers where in the open division so who cares that much about age group results but you did the right thing. Comment by James Comment by Team Coffee Nook I prefer to traipse than shashay, although my wife says both modes of bipedal locomotion are unacceptable.

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Comment by Christina I like that the Draper Fall Classic appears to go through the temple. Comment by Jay Burke Elden: exceptional 3 part report on the race. I love your attitude and I hope you can motivate the Hammer to come back for another go at it. Thanks, Jay. And please tell the Yee-haw Pickles guys that their Garlic Dills have been delicious. Comment by mark Good thing Jason Sparks called a meeting so that he could move from 9th to 8th. Just curious, was he wearing his national champion jersey?

Comment by Kukui Some folks take themselves WAY too seriously. And, WHOA! The Hammer is ridiculous! In the coolest, most awesome package ridiculousness comes in! Comment by roan Still an awesome ride. The first pic of The Hammer without a smile. Such a ride builds character that will show up later when the two of you are challenging each other…and she turns on the speed and drops you in the sprint finish.

Comment by bikemike I like to just mosey on over to something.