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Jessica Wiant is expecting her fourth son any day now and tells us how being an active mom is part of setting an example for her kids of having a healthy lifestyle. She shares encouragement for parents who feel they are too busy to exercise and how running builds a base of fitness that opens the way to other family adventures.

Jessica's Favorite shoe brand: Topo.

See our Topo selection here. Meet "Barefoot Kent": Husband, father, Deadhead, vegetarian, runner. Learn about his running adventures that find him dropping 70 pounds, pushing his son, Ben who is developmentally disabled , and finding the joy in running naturally. No shoes Mark shares some race highlights after completing his 25th Boston Marathon and then gives a recap of his trip to New Zealand where he helped at a coaching and sports nutrition conference with long-time friend Dr.

Keith Livingston. He may be the longest documented survivor with advanced Glioblastoma Multiforme. The picture is Dr Keith and 2 other friends and legends in the running space now devoting their lives to the health of children- Olympic Medalists Rod Dixon and Lorraine Moller. Also notice how Rod will only high five kids.

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This is from universal concern now of any adult touch with kids. They all want to hug him but he will only allow a high five. Also the promise he made to Sir Edmund Hillary. We have a resource page for Lydiard materials here. Oh and the traditional rich foods- full fat dairy, incredible eggs, and lamb amazing. The incredible dairy products. Twelve-year-old Lucio lives in the northern Italian city of Livorno and dreams of sailing when not taking care of his his young sister, Ilaria, and his sick mother, who is convinced that a witch has cursed her.

Mamma is dying. This novel engages readers by combining suspense with an unusual format where the stories and voices of two boys converge halfway through the book ….

The book is a fast-paced mystery with a twist that will surprise and engage readers. Violence is always present, in a way that suggests contemporary Sicily still is tied to its ancient demons This is a true coming-of-age novel in which violence is not masked behind a metaphor…. The book is also distinguished by its narrative structure: the suspense keeps readers glued to the page from beginning to end, and throughout stimulates their powers of judgment. The novel is a compelling one, which, in its second half, becomes a fast-paced story of suspense that vividly demonstrates the inextricable links between the Mafia and Sicilian life.

Intelligent, heart-pounding and thought-provoking, this novel is a must-read. Rautzhan, Times Herald. Both men are killed, and Santino himself is shot but manages to hide. I believe that John always kind of considered this song somewhat of a throwaway. This song is insanely underrated.

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Michelle is the worst song on Rubber Soul? You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but you may be very much alone in it.

Or sing. Or love. I would say that What Goes On is by far the worst. It is a bit creepy 2. It seems retro compared to the rest of RS. The writer of the song was Arthur Gunter not Richard Gunther. It might be the least adventurous and most formulaic song that Lennon ever wrote. But lyrically and musically, the song is very ordinary.

Just one more little note…I used to write songs sometimes. Rubber Soul: pot and alcohol Revolver: acid, pot, and alcohol Both: genius and imagination. I always figured Revolver as a Pot and Acid album. But they were not always on drugs I bet. I can live with the lyrics.

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Run for Your Life, or variants, may refer to: Contents. 1 Literature; 2 Film and television; 3 Music. Albums; Songs. 4 Other uses; 5 See also. Literature[ edit]. "Run for Your Life" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their album Rubber Soul. It was written primarily by John Lennon, though credited to.

My bigger concern is that Lennon ripped off a line from a young songwriter who died in his late 40s. And the songwriter Arthur Gunter lived until the late s. Why the hate? Judge the Beatles by what they did, not necessarily what they said, and what they DID is, they purposely chose this as the outro to their amazing Rubber Soul album. John Lennon says he hated it? Yeah, and I know a certain girl in the sky who toootally had nothing to do with drugs!

I agree with the comments praising the vocal harmonies and driving folk-rock or even rockabilly arrangement. While the words are disturbing, they have artistic merit.

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This is a cautionary tale, told in the first person, of they type of monster that insane jealousy can create. We usually associate The Beatles with love songs and positive feelings. And which Beatle better able to convey that emotion than John. Better to sing about it than actually do it. And that is George doing that high falsetto? The guitar licks are pretty darn good, too. The fact that his characterisation is delivered with powerful conviction is simply evidence that Lennon was a fine vocalist as, for example, Frank Sinatra was rather than someone who, in his private life, wholeheartedly identified with the explicit message of the song.

Sinatra was actually a good deal less tender in real life than he seems to be in song. It is quite likely that she would have made a facile equation between the surface sentiments of the lyric and the deeper attitudes and dispositions of its singer. This song, to me, was the last stand of the old moptop Beatles. Everything after this was the more mature, evolving, experimental Beatles. I love the screaming, somewhat-phasey and sloppy guitar sound of Run For Your Life!

Totally spine-chilling and effective IMO. What distinguises Rubber Soul is the lack of fillers. The lyric is more cocky than life-threatening. Come on.

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Arbury Community Centre Get directions View runs. He sings the lyrics correctly when the verse is repeated later. Meredith Mark Humphrey Not of my favorites either. Recording History. John Wednesday 19 August

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. John was always on the run, running for his life. A bit of a macho song. Latest Comments. SD Wednesday 15 July Basic Track: 1 acoustic guitar John , electric guitar George , bass Paul , snare drum and tambourine Ringo Overdubs: 2 lead vocal by John, harmony vocals by Paul and George 3 additional backing vocals by John, Paul and George 4 electric guitars George, lead for breaks and first ending; John, rhythm; both play on the duet and coda Loading