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Now, imagine you have toffee stuck in your mouth and use your tongue to get it out. Use these structures to go through different sounds and, in particular, sounds that you find difficult. Tongue twisters are also a good way to exercise the articulators and help improve fluency of articulation and diction. Place your hand on your chest and yawn. Now say 'hello, hello, hello' from deep down in your chest. If you want to be heard, you need to learn how to project. Projection comes from taking control of the breath.

If you can, arrange to visit the room you are going to be speaking in and walk around it.

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Use your speech and play with it, walking around while speaking, playing with the volume. Ask a colleague to listen to you — can they hear you clearly? Try speaking very slowly. Now try singing your speech. This should always be done from a place of relaxation. Check that your shoulders are down. Wriggle and roll them to check for tension. Check your posture. Finally, make sure you check your pace — we always speak much faster than normal when we are nervous.

Practise speaking very slowly. View the discussion thread.

Skip to main content. How to improve your voice for presentations. By Ros and Neil Johnson 18 August - Why is it important to improve the way we use our voice? How does our body produce sound? Exercise 1: Check through the body, shaking each part from the toes upwards.

Reason 1: The alphabet can be learned in an hour or two

So much sounds the same to anyone who is not a native, unless you're blessed with amazing ears. I keep plugging away and hopefully I will start picking up more. State Department reported a resurfacing of the long-dormant Maoist terrorist network Sendero Luminoso in. Bez tsarya v golove. This is your employment contract malegra pro sildenafil citrate Of course, the exchanges are not always productive. In fact, after I had been in Korean three or four years, I took a trip to Taiwan.

Posted on June 7, Red stands for blood spilled in "the war. White stands for peace. I suppose the war referenced in the Peruvian flag's symbolism is the war for independence, which was in the s, because the flag was officially adopted in However, Flag Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the Battle of Arica, which was fought on this date in , and that was during the war with Chile, called the War of the Pacific.

Peru includes its national ensign in the middle of its flag. Some people feel strongly that national flags should be simple, with two to five colors and only geometrical features such as stripes, stars, circles, crescents. In other words, these people opine, national flags should have no detailed pictures or fussy elements. After all, they reason, a flag has to be recognizable up there on a flagpole.

Some people point out that it's fun for school kids, sports fans, and others to be able to easily recreate their flag with colored paper, scissors, and a glue stick. I guess my answer is that I would prefer simple if I were designing a flag for a new nation, BUT surely we can shrug and let other peoples design their own flags?

Anyone who passed by this cottage could enter any time to rest and eat what was there.

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Parents prepare plates with skal dan according to the number of households in the community and ask their children to take the skal dan to each household. Grandmother seemed tired. After taking a deep breath, she unloaded a bundle of bread from the donkey just as some men howled loudly, as though they were competing to see who could howl the loudest. Their howls echoed in the tranquil So zis Valley. Why are they howling so loudly? They came here a long time ago and they seldom leave this area. You haven't met them.

They live just down there and we are all neighbors," Grandmother replied, not answering my second question. Wolves are afraid of human shouts, so they are scaring away the wolves," Grandmother explained. I ran to a corner of the fence where I could see the men coming up towards our cottage. I ran back to Grandmother in apprehension.

Very soon, three older men and one middle- aged man brought a kettle of hot milk tea that they had readied for us. Grandmother smiled appreciatively. Their garments were made from animal skins. They talked quickly and loudly, as if they were one hundred meters apart.

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They asked Grandmother about our village and me—my name and my age. He takes after his mother," said one man who had a huge beard and who was nicknamed Uncle Beard A khu Rgya.

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Then they continued their discussion, delving into my maternal lineage. They said that my mother's uncle was also very short and so were his children; therefore, I must 19 Asian Highlands Perspectives.

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Meanwhile, I went outside. When I returned about an hour later, Grandmother was stoking a fire under a big pot. I dared not look closely.


The man looked at me and smiled. I had negative impressions of Muslims because, "We will give you to a Muslim," is a commonly used utterance parents use to stop children from crying. We are all friends. He hunts musk deer and foxes. He comes here every year and stays for some months. We have become friends. That's a musk deer that he killed this afternoon.

He often gives us the meat. We will cook it for supper," Grandmother said and then muttered some prayers. They wanted me to be the cook so I have to cook what we have," explained Grandmother as she added more firewood under the pot.

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By then, Ma Fumin had finished butchering the animal and added pieces of meat into the now boiling pot. There were five herders. Grandmother was their cook. In return, they tended our livestock. In the evenings, when they had driven the livestock into their enclosures, they were content to 20 Asian Highlands Perspectives. At times, they mumbled strange words to each other that I found incomprehensible. Once they came up with a topic, whether small or big, they talked about it thoroughly without eliminating a single bit of information. Whatever they brought into their conversation was made special and fun by embellishing it with old proverbs that made their language colorful.

Every evening they had something new to talk about and their discussions lasted deep into the night. Their meetings usually ended with storytelling. This was how those humble herders enjoyed their leisure time. A half-year passed happily. Then a boy, Don 'grub, came to the area with his mother, an older woman who was deaf.

She gestured to communicate with others. They settled and became our neighbors. Don 'grub was my age and soon became my playmate.

Singing Tongue Twisters, Section 7: Pe-Ru Sheet Music by Brian J. Kane

We loved to listen to the old herders' talks and stories as well as the tongue twisters that they taught us every night. They said a tongue twister and then praised us when we repeated it correctly. We tried hard to perfectly pronounce what we were taught. And when we did, we were delighted. They talked about their youth and people's bravery from bygone times, told intriguing stories, and repeated tongue twisters that made our long, quiet nights slip by quickly and enjoyably.

Sausage was a quiet man who struggled to fill the moments between his silences with something fun. Now and then he would sensitively articulate riddles and tongue twisters that referred to 21 " Asian Highlands Perspectives. The riddle below was one of his favorites: 1 pha bong gnyis kyi khri steng na 2 klu btsan rgyal po khri la bzhugs 3 mgo na sta res rgyab shul yod 4 ske na thag pa drud shul yod 1 phA yog ly ja tgha rtag nA 2 yla tsan jel wo tgha 1 a zax 3 ngo nA rtA ri jab hqe yo 4 yki nA thax pA dz,a hqe yo 1 Atop the throne of two boulders, 2 The wrathful naga 18 King is enthroned.

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The naga are mythically believed to be half-human and half-serpent beings living mainly in water lakes, springs, oceans , wet forest areas, and perhaps even in a single tree. They resemble snakes and frogs and may change into human form. Klu as water-spirits and serpent beings are conceived of as mighty and wrathful; they can help or harm. They wreak vengeance by provoking infectious diseases and skin ailments when they are offended. Belief in and ritual practices related to naga were vibrant in Tibetan communities in The humor of this tongue twister derives from the sound similarity between nya ma 'vagina' and gnyer ma 'fold'.

One of the most enjoyable times was the competitions Don 'grub and I had with tongue twisters. We challenged each other to say a tongue twister quickly in a short, given time without mispronunciation, sentence or word disorder, and word omission. Before each competition, we discussed what the loser would have to do for the winner. Sometimes, the loser carried the winner on his back for a predetermined distance, and sometimes the loser had to obey the winner, as though a king were giving commands.