The Black Digital Elite: African American Leaders of the Information Revolution

The Black Digital Elite
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Unable to interest anyone in financing his colonization scheme, Cuffe determined to finance it himself, but the U.

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Paul Cuffee. New York: Samuel Wood, The American Colonization Society was established in to encourage and assist free African Americans, and later emancipated slaves, to settle in Africa. In , the Society established a settlement in West Africa that would become the independent nation of Liberia in The name Liberia is derived from a Latin phrase meaning free land, with the country's capital, Monrovia, named in honor of U. President James Monroe. The area was mapped in ten-mile squares oriented to the coast line, giving the map its unique shape.

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Manuscript map, [ca. Geography and Map Division , Library of Congress Outraged by the Fugitive Slave Act, African American leaders became more impatient with the lack of improvement in political and social conditions for their race.

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Most discussions of the digital divide focus on the gap between African Americans and others when it comes to using, and benefiting from, the technological and business opportunities of the information age. The Black Digital Elite: African American Leaders of the Information Revolution [​John T. Barber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The national convention movement among free persons of color provided an independent arena where their interests could be defined and strategies developed for their improvement. This copy of the Proceedings belonged to women's rights leader Susan B. Anthony, who was a friend and neighbor of the articulate runaway slave, Frederick Douglass. Both lived in Rochester, New York. Rochester: Frederick Douglass, Susan B. David Ruggles, a free black abolitionist leader, was born in He was best known for his work with the underground railroad and the New York Vigilance Committee, organized to protect fugitive slaves and prevent kidnapping of free blacks to sell them into slavery.

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He worked as a bookseller, publisher, and as an activist in the African American convention movement. During the s Ruggles published numerous pamphlets and newspaper articles persuasively arguing against slavery and colonization. Here he refutes charges made by David Reese and others against the American Anti-slavery Society, particularly that the society encouraged interracial marriage. Slavery, Ruggles argued, was the chief cause of the amalgamation of the races. David Ruggles.

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First, he received the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics in The African American digerati are solving one of the great social challenges of the 21st century: creating a black community that is prosperous in a society that has changed from being a land-based industrial society to a cyberspace-based information society. Barber has over twenty-five years of experience as a media analyst, communications educator and scholar and broadcasting practitioner. Bibliographic information. These applications resonate today and suggest that Ellis anticipated some characteristics of search engines, as well as of artificial intelligence. Libraries Unlimited.

The "Extinguisher" Extinguished or David M. Reese, M. Ruggles, Too long have others spoken for us. Too long has the public been deceived by misrepresentations, in things which concern us dearly. These editorial comments appeared in the premier issue of the first black-controlled newspaper in America on March 12, The founders of Freedom's Journal , John B.

the Black Digital Elite

Their faults were always noted but their virtues remain unmentioned. The paper was published until The Library of Congress has some issues available on microfilm. Freedom's Journal , March 16, John B.

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Russwurm and Samuel Cornish, founders. Copyprint from microfilm. Frederick Douglass, one of the best known and most articulate free black spokesmen during the antebellum years, was born a slave ca. After he ran away, Douglass tirelessly fought for emancipation and full citizenship for African Americans. North Star , June 2, Edited by Frederick Douglass and Martin Delany.

African American artist Charles White, born in , executed many artistic works that symbolize the strength of sinew and character of people of color, including this powerful image of orator, abolitionist, and statesman Frederick Douglass. Charles White. Frederick Douglass. Lithograph, Search GO.

The Black Digital Elite: African American Leaders of the Information Revolution

An African Captive Tells His Own Story This autobiography is one of the few personal accounts by an African of his experiences as a victim of the slave trade and as a slave. Benjamin Banneker, Mathematician Benjamin Banneker, born free in Maryland in , was remarkable because of his mechanical and mathematical abilities.

Revolutionary Movements Then and Now: Black Power and Black Lives Matter

African American Women Preachers Although little is known about the preacher pictured here, Juliann Jane Tillman, African Methodist Episcopal church records acknowledge that the first bishop, Richard Allen, recognized that some women possessed evangelical and teaching gifts. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress. Freedom Document This certificate indicates that the forty-two-year-old mulatto Harriet Bolling was freed by James Bolling in An African American Seaman In the event of capture or impressment, sailors needed to have documents on file to verify that they were citizens of the United States.

The Underground Railroad Enslaved blacks and their white sympathizers planned secret flight strategies and escape routes for runaways to make their way to freedom. An African American Revolutionary War Soldier Receipts like this one for Juba Freeman, as well as Revolutionary War muster rolls, pay and service records, and pension applications and awards demonstrate the active participation of African Americans in the American independence movement.

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